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Arabinda Das, IRDAI Certified Senior Life Insurance Consultant, from Career Agents Branch, Bhubaneswar (AGENT ID: 011525005), for the last 5 years with a focus on optimum service, helping clients plan to attain future life goals.

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1. Address Change.

2. Nomination Change.

3. Bank Details Updating.

4. Maturity/settlement help.

5. Free quotes on selected plans.

6. Collection of premium – Deposition of Receipt.

7. Timely reminders before the due date.

8. Regular updates on revival/maturity/benefits.

9. Change of premium mode.


Like assets, property and savings, human life has value. A human being earns every day and works till retirement. After retirement, the person still builds, manages and grows wealth. So, the ‘Human Life Value’ we can assign to a person is more than all of his wealth. There is a need to protect and insure human assets.  Life insurance transfers the life risk of the insured to the insurance company, provides plans for attaining future life goals in advance and secures returns for investments.


Building an asset takes years. Therefore, timely planning for the future is of utmost importance.   

1. Whole Life Asset Building.

2. Pension.

3. Retirement Fund with ADDB.

4. Child Education Fund with PWB.

5. Marriage Fund with Triple Risk Cover.

6. Cancer Cover.

7. Fixed Premium Health Insurance.

8. Term Insurance.

9. Systematic Insurance Investment Plan.

10. Single Premium Unit Linked Insurance Plan.


Life Insurance Corporation of India was incorporated in 1956. Policyholders of LIC enjoy the sovereign guarantees of their investments U/S 37 of LIC Act, 1956, an advantage that no other financial investment or private life insurers can provide. LIC is the largest health insurance provider in India, has total assets of > 42 Lakh Crore, 29 Crore Policyholders, and provides the best claim settlement among all the Indian Life Insurance Providers.

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