Kolkata Office

Contact Person : Jiban Mohanty
Mobile Number Call: 9830017363
e-Mail ID  : info@taxmall.in
5/234 Paschim Putiary Kolkata-700041

Bhubaneswar Office

Contact Person : Jyotirani Mohanty
Mobile Number Call: 9874411060
e-Mail ID  : info@taxmall.in
172, Sector-5, NiladriVihar, Bhubaneswar-751021

About TaxMall

TaxMall stands for Tax, Management and Accounting Learning Landmar, It is formed at 5/234, Paschim Putiary, Tollygunge, Kolkata-700041 in 2007 by promoter Mr. Jiban Mohanty. Mr. Mohanty has more than 15 years experience in Accounts, Taxations and Audit. The name of Taxmall is a compilation of the two most valuable words i.e. Tax and Mall. Here Tax indicates the taxation services whereas Mall indicates Management and Accounting Learning Landmar, a soft place where the customer can find Taxation, Management and Accounting Learning facilities and any other services like e-Filing, e-Registration, etc. Most of the people in India know Taxmall is one of the most trustworthy e-Learning and tax preparation service providers in India. Now it provides e-learning on Tally Prime, Income Tax, GST, TDS, TCS, ROC, Professional Tax, ESI, EPF & MS Office. It also provides e-Registration and e-Filing services all over India at a very reasonable cost. Taxmall is mainly dealing with GST registration, GST Return Filing, GST Compliance, Income Tax Return Filing, Income Tax Compliance, Income Tax Refund, TDS Return Filing, TAN Registration, Professional Tax Return Filing, Professional Tax Enrolment, Professional Tax Registration, ROC Return Filing, Company Registration, LLP Registration. ESI Registration, ESI Return, EPF Registration, and EPF Return services at a reasonable price. For some businesses, Tax compliance is not easy to serve but Taxmall is here to provide various kinds of tax compliance services on behalf of the company easily and correctly. Thank you for visiting the Taxmall web portal, We wish you all the best !!

Vision of TaxMall

Taxmall aims at grooming the professional's skill; who would carry forward the spirit of computerized accounts and taxation and serve as a valuable resource for industry and organization. It encompasses educational excellence, leadership and smartness accountancy.

Mission of TaxMall

The primary purpose of the Institute of Taxmall is to provide an e-learning environment in which students can acquire the knowledge, wisdom, and values that will help ensure the survival of this and future generations and improve the quality of earning and smart learning. To achieve academic excellence in professional education at par with the leading national and international institutions.

Office Address: TaxMall (Near Councilor Ratna Sur Ji Apartment), 5/234, Paschim Putiary, Kudghat, Kolkata - 700041.

Visiting time: From 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM, every day except Sunday.

Nearest Metro Station: 7 minutes walking distance From Netaji Metro Station (for the Kudghat area) Auto Riska services are available there. 9 minutes walking distance From Mohanayak Uttamkumar Metro Station (for the Tollygunge area) Auto, Riska, Buss, and Taxi services are available there.

Bus, Taxi, Auto Stop: Karunamoyee Stop (Kudghat). Click Here to use our Google map to reach our Office Address.