Tax Slab Rate

ROC Forms Filing Fees | Official Portal

Inspection of Company / LLP Documents
Viewing Company Documents on the Portal   Rs 100.00 per Company
Viewing LLP Documents on Portal   Rs 50.00 per LLP
Certified Copy of Company / LLP Documents
Certificate of Incorporation   Rs 100.00 per copy
Certificate of Incorporation / Conversion for LLP   Rs 50.00 per copy
Any other public document   Rs 25.00 per page per document
Any other LLP document   Rs 5.00 per page per document
Transfer Deeds
The nominal Face value of shares is up to Rs. 5000   Rs 50.00; per deed
The nominal Face value of shares is more than Rs. 5000   Rs 100.00; per deed


Our Branch Office

Office Address: 5/234, Paschim Putiary, Kudghat, Tollygunge, Kolkata-700041.

Visiting time: From 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Everyday.

Nearest Metro Station: 7 minutes walking distance From Netaji Metro Station (for the Kudghat area) Auto Riska services are available there. 9 minutes walking distance From Mohanayak Uttamkumar Metro Station (for the Tollygunge area) Auto, Riska, Buss, and Taxi services are available there.

Bus, Taxi, Auto Stop: Karunamoyee Stop (Kudghat). Click Here to use our Google map to reach our Office Address.

Contact for Company Registration

Contact Person : Jiban Mohanty
Mobile Number Call: 9830017363
e-Mail ID  :